Setting People Straight

When someone says, “I need to be surrounded by positive people,” I just laugh. You know what that really means? I want people who will lie to my face and make me feel better.

You didn’t hire me to tell happy, shiny lies, my job is to set people straight, no matter what the consequence. And if that makes me sound cold or harsh, I’m fine with that. It’s made me very good at what I do.

Tim Grover



How receptive are you to feedback? Does your evaluator's tone matter as much to you as the message?

In conversations, a smart speaker is always gauging the receptivity and response of the listener. Understanding how you are being heard is an important part of effective communication.

How much does our need for positivity reduce the range of what our mentors and coaches are willing to tell us? We seem to prefer brutal honesty when talking to ourselves. Why not encourage that voice from others?

Let a few people into your life who can give you unfiltered advice. Understand that it isn't easy to be that coach. When Michael Jordan retired for good, he told Tim “If I ever see you in my neighborhood again, I’m going to shoot you.”

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Tim Grover

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