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CARV Performance Institute: The Best Blend of Coaching and Technology for Skiers

CARV Performance Institute review

To kick off this season’s skiing, we attended the CARV Performance Institute Camp with instructor Thomas Roennau. We were at the beautiful Aspen Highlands with conditions that ranged from white-out to bluebird.

These three days were not only the best bang-for-the-buck ski lessons in our lives, but an experience that continues to grow. More than a dozen ski sessions later, we find ourselves still integrating what Thomas taught us alongside the feedback from CARV.

If you think you are skiing like this:

while actually skiing like this:

Skier standing upright with snowboarder filming nearby

then this camp might be for you 😎.

Let me describe the experience: our camp was limited to five students. Our incoming CARV Ski IQs ranged from 90ish to 140+. Everyone improved—you can watch some testimonials here. Since the beginning of the season ended, my SkiIQ has jumped nearly twenty points. More importantly, I feel much more confident in all conditions and terrains.

This is going to be an annual event for us. Thomas is a 3-time Powder 8 Champion, and he has assembled an amazing team of world class instructors.

The world of professional sports coaching has evolved into an extraordinary combination of personal coaching combined with extensive measurements and metrics.

When an NBA basketball player goes to the gym, there are cameras everywhere recording literally a couple hundred data points per shot. Golfers using TrackMan golf monitors in their homes get feedback from 4,000 data points per swing measuring 26 impact and ball flight parameters.

Now you can do the same for skiing. CARV provides us with an ability to DIY ourselves into becoming better skiers. The CARV Performance Institute takes that process and accelerates it many times over.

Skiers are probably used to seeing ads for the CARV Digital Ski Coach in their social media feed. As we talk to other skiers on the lifts and in the lodges, we get lots of questions about whether CARV really works and is it for real or hype.

Midway through our third season with CARV, I’m happy to say it is the real deal. This year’s addition of Active Coaching brings the app to another level. The versatility of the real time feedback has transformed what had been very good into something great.

When great instructors embrace transformative technology, the students benefit the most. Thomas Roennau’s assemblage of the most effective ski coaches in the country working alongside CARV’s technology is rapidly expanding the availability of the insights and drills that will bring your skiing to another level.

Our three days with Thomas left me assured that anything he leads will prove to be top notch. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary instruction experience. Let me know if you want to join us at one of his camps. We’re definitely going back.

We're hoping to have it all come together similar to how Troy leaped from a SkiIQ of 135 to 156 midway through the second day of camp. We all saw it—his skiing transformed dramatically after working with Thomas for just a day and a half. Listen to Troy's testimonial, or better yet, see the two of them skiing together:

See you on the mountain!

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