Habit Formation & Time Loops

The absolutely worst day of Phil’s life took place under the exact same conditions as the absolutely best day of Phil’s life. The best day and the worst day were the same day. In fact, a whole universe of experiences proved to be possible on this single day. The only difference was Phil himself, what he noticed, how he interpreted his surroundings, and what he chose to do.

Danny Rubin


How To Write Groundhog Day

I've written about the movie Groundhog Day in our relaunch newsletter of 2/2/22.

Unlike other storytellers who have utilized this time loop device, what really makes Groundhog Day special is the transformational journey at the heart of the story.

The book How To Write Groundhog Day provides further perspective on the existential questions that the movie raises. It also takes the reader through the creative process as an idea evolves from a single note into a full production.

What a treat for all movie fans.

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"How To Write Groundhog Day" by Danny Rubin

How To Write Groundhog Day

Danny Rubin

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